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Our Library is Expanding Thanks to the National Book Fund Award

We are happy to announce that we are the recipients of a National Book Fund award!  The National Book Fund was established by the national organization, ProLiteracy, in order to make materials available to adult literacy and adult basic education programs who couldn’t afford them. We are members of ProLiteracy and many of the materials that we routinely recommend to tutors come from their publisher, New Reader’s Press. In April, we submitted an application to supplement our library.  We applied for about $1500 worth of new books, focusing on the books our library was missing or we frequently ran out of. This includes citizenship prep, low-level reading literacy and moving to the newest editions of the Voyager and Endeavor series. In early June, we were notified that our application was approved, and the books arrived just a week later!  We’ve been enjoying the new titles, and look forward to sharing them with learners and tutors. Thank you to the National Book Fund for this generous award!

Thanks to the National Book Fund, we have added a lot of exciting new materials in the
office library, including some great new Voyageur and Endeavor books! The reading and writing for adults updated series is designed to draw out the learner’s prior knowledge and relate to a learner’s life experiences. For example, in Endeavor 3, lesson one looks at Good Sleep for Good Health. The article talks about ways to get a good night’s sleep and reduce insomnia. The teacher’s guide provides strategies and tips for teaching vocabulary and building fluency, including activities to expand the learner’s understanding through questions and discussions.

You’ll find lots of practical, useful vocabulary in every lesson. It’s easy to adapt lessons and activities to suit the individual needs of your learner. We have a few copies at different levels from low beginning to advanced.  Contact us to find a time to come in and take a look!


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