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Classroom tutor shaking hands with an adult learner.

Become a “Friend of Literacy”

You can support the Whatcom Literacy Council by becoming a “Friend of Literacy”.  As a Friend of Literacy, you can help us to continue to provide learning materials and free tutoring services to the many adult learners we serve throughout Whatcom County.

The Whatcom Literacy Council is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization as designated by the IRS. 

Our Federal tax id number is 91-1220307.

Monthly Giving

We encourage our donors to consider giving monthly. This helps us with a sustainable revenue stream and makes it easier on your wallet! It is easy to make regular monthly contributions using our MightyCause donation page. After clicking on the “Donate Online” button above, just check the box next to your (monthly) donation amount to secure recurring payments:

You can also set up a monthly automatic deduction from your checking or savings account with most banking institutions. Contact us at or (360) 752-8678 for more information.

Sponsor a Program or Event

Support the Whatcom Literacy Council through annual and event sponsorships. We highlight the sponsors for our events online and in print. We offer the following sponsorship opportunities:

Workplace Giving / Matching Gifts

Workplace Giving programs allow you to donate a percentage of your paycheck or a fixed dollar amount to WLC. Payroll deductions are effortless and allow you to spread your gift over the entire year. Many companies offer to match your charitable contributions, adding extra value to your donation.

United WayUnited Way Campaign

You can also contribute to us through your local United Way affiliate. Simply write in the Whatcom Literacy Council as the designee through your workplace giving program.

Combined Fund Drive

The Combined Fund Drive (CFD) is Washington State’s workplace giving program for active and retired public employees.  State and higher education employees are invited to give to the charity of their choice through payroll contribution and agency fundraising events.  Washington State employees are encouraged to search for the WHATCOM LITERACY COUNCIL as the charity of their choice for CFD designations.

Washington State Combined Fund Drive

Encourage Your Church or Faith-based Organization to Support Literacy

If your church or faith-based organization has a mission rooted in community development or social justice, donating their time and financial resources to fighting illiteracy would be a worthy investment. With many of our societal problems stemming from illiteracy, helping people learn to read, write, understand math and prepare for their GEDs will benefit our entire community.

Honor a Loved One by Donating to Literacy

Make a donation to the Whatcom Literacy Council in the name of your friend(s) or family. We’ll send a note of appreciation outlining the use of the gift donated in their honor, and add both your names to our “Friends of Literacy” list.

Independent Fundraising on Behalf of Adult Literacy

Have a little fun on the behalf of the Whatcom literacy Council! We welcome businesses, civic groups, churches, and volunteer organizations to organize events to raise funds for our literacy programs. Even if you’re just a group of friends, we encourage dog washes, read-a-thons, Monopoly or Scrabble tournaments…whatever works. We ask only that you give us enough notice to allow time for our approval and to verify that we will be released from any liability incurred in organizing or operating the event.

Tax Information:
Whatcom Literacy Council 2021 Form 990

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