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Summary of Hours for Period

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Other Learner-Tutor Activities:


*Learner Goals*

Goal Completed:

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*Learner Achievements*

Educational (Check all that apply)

Entered ABE or ESL Class


Entered Community or Technical College

Increased Computer Literacy

Earned Employer, Company, Industry or Other Related Certificate

Improved Literacy Skills-Oral or Written

Improved Basic Math Skills




Societal (Check all that apply)

Earned U.S. Citizenship

Registered to Vote or Voted

Knows, Uses More Community Resources

Gained Survival Skills



Economic (Check all that apply)

Gained Employment

Retained Employment

Advanced in Job/Got a better job

Improved Employability Skills

Improved Job-related Math Skills




Parenting/Family Literacy (Check all that apply)

Reads more to Child

More Involved in Child's School

Gained Child Development Knowledge

Child's Teacher Reports Child's Improvement at School

Improved Family Management Skills

Skills for wellness/healthy lifestyle

Improved Family-related Math Skills




Other (explain below)


This month we are currently using the following materials:

Activities for this month include:

What materials & activities will help you accomplish new goals?

Specific ideas for upcoming tutoring sessions:

Encouraging experiences from this month:

Questions or concerns that arose this month:


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